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My blog

My blog

My blog is my thoughts, my pain, my up and down, my shame. They say what is there to gain out of sharing your thoughts. My answer is simple too eas the travel on the walk. We all got a journey some harder then others but overall we all got a mission to complete. I remember growing up and herd someone say that if we all chase the same thing nothing will be done. Lawyers won't be made, doctors won't save and the stress that comes with chasing well,that remain the same. When I write it's to inspire. When I speak it's to preach. We as people lack knowledge of self, God, and understanding. With this lack of knowledge we tend to blame everything and everyone other then ourselves. In the last few years, we lost more friends and family then ever before. The sad thing is we will continue to lose a lot more. So much people has surcome to sin. And we all know that the wages of sin is death. I'm tired of the death and tired of the stress once upon of time we was blessed. What happen to it, what happen to us, heck what happen to me? we become soft in a world that was made Ford tough. Putting people feelings first over the truth is a problem. Truth has no filter and we can't argue truth. And that's the cause of it all. We want to based truth on take on it, your beliefs and what you demed right. I took it upon myself to bring the fire back into our eyes into our hearts and tap into our souls.
I have a built-in fire that I inquire from the struggle of being a brother. When I change my life I took a vow to change the life of others. We struggle we yell we fight just trying to get things right. But the goal is to enjoy the night with a little henny and sprite. You know the ghetto life but the better life is chirst. The money nor the ice will make see thing bright. Infact it will bring you to darkness because darkness comes with money and ice.

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